Mandala Coloring Pages


Mandala Coloring Pages


This e-book of Mandala Coloring Pages features 23 hand-drawn mandala designs for you to bring to life with color!

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  • PDF Format designed to print on US Letter paper (8.5” x 11”). Also prints on A4 paper.

  • 23 coloring pages for $8 (which is only 35 cents per page!)

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Please Note: This is a DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOK.

If you're interested in a hard-copy book, check out Thaneeya's Published Coloring Books.

Mandalas to Print and Color by Thaneeya

Remember all those hours you spent coloring as a kid? You can relive those relaxing moments as an adult with this Mandala Coloring E-Book. Allow your inner child to get lost in these designs as you play with color and free your creative spirit.

This Mandala Coloring Book is essentially a bundle of potential... The only element that's needed to make them complete is YOU!

I'm excited to offer you these downloadable mandala coloring pages. Each mandala design was carefully designed and meticulously hand-drawn with love and attention using ink on paper, lending them a sense of hand-crafted warmth and charm.

As you color in the various shapes, you bring your own personality, experiences, and hopes to these designs. Many describe this as a "healing process" that encourages introspection and helps you tap into your create potential.

Inside this mandala ebook you'll discover:

  • An overview of mandalas & an explanation of how coloring them is beneficial to your well-being

  • An idea sheet that lists different media you can use to color these mandalas, as well as different surfaces you can print them onto

  • 23 mandala designs sized to print on standard 8.5" x 11" paper (they can also fit on A4 paper)

  • A page of coloring examples in 3 different media

All the Mandala Coloring Pages you’ll receive in this set:

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Mandala Coloring Pages
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What is a mandala?

Mandala Coloring Page by Thaneeya McArdle, colored with watercolors

Mandalas are abstract designs that start with a central point and emanate outwards, in a series of detailed shapes and patterns. Many cultures around the world use mandalas in their spiritual practice.

When you focus on the act of coloring, you naturally fall into a meditative mindset, bringing you closer to the core of your being. Coloring mandalas is a great way to de-stress from the daily grind, by immersing yourself in a relaxing color therapy that puts you in a state of creative flow.

Even if you only have 15 – 30 minutes per day to spend coloring, you'll notice the calming effect that it has on your mind, body and emotions. Coloring mandalas encourages a contemplative approach to life.

Plus, if you want to learn to draw and paint, coloring pages are a good place to start.  The readymade outlines allow you to focus on:

  • applying color in various media

  • adding your own patterns, and

  • honing your techniques.

How to use these Mandala Coloring Pages

This book contains 23 hand-drawn mandala designs for your coloring pleasure. You can print these mandalas as many times as you want (for personal use only), so you don't need to worry about coloring them in "perfectly" on your first try. Feel free to experiment with different color schemes and different media. 

You can color these mandala designs with:

Mandala Coloring Pages by Thaneeya
  • Crayons

  • Colored pencils

  • Ink

  • Acrylics

  • Tempera

  • Watercolor

  • Watercolor pencils

  • Gouache

  • Gel Pens

  • Glitter

  • Markers

  • And more!

You can print these mandalas on:

Printable Mandala Coloring Page by Thaneeya McArdle
  • watercolor paper

  • canvas

  • cardstock

  • specially-coated vellum

  • regular white printer paper

  • colored printer paper

  • sticker paper

  • and even fabric!

Hey, you could even place the printed fabric inside an embroidery hoop and stitch the colors in!  Now there's an idea!

For even more customized fun, try printing these mandalas at different sizes, or changing the opacity so that you can trace over the outlines with different colors.

The possibilities are endless!

You can color these mandalas anywhere:

Sample Mandala Coloring Page
  • In a waiting room

  • During lunch break

  • In between classes

  • At your kitchen table

  • In front of the TV

  • At the library

  • At the park or beach

  • By the pool

  • Long car trips (as long as you're not the driver!)


When you're finished coloring your mandala, you can:

Mandala Coloring Page by Thaneeya McArdle
  • Frame and hang them around your home or office

  • Print them out in different sizes and display them as a grouping

  • Stick them on your fridge

  • Give them as presents

  • Paste them in your scrapbook, sketchbook or journal

  • Cut them into a collage

  • Laminate them to use as placemats

  • Use them for decoupage

  • Fold them into handmade greeting cards

  • Hang them in your window and let the light shine through, like stained glass

What happens after you purchase

These Mandala Coloring Pages are available as an instant download as soon as your payment is received via your Paypal balance or credit card.

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Mandala Coloring Page by Thaneeya McArdle

Once your payment goes through, a special download link will be sent automatically to the email address you provided. Click on the link in the email, and you'll be taken to the download page. The download link will expire 24 hours after you've made your purchase. If for any reason you were unable to download the coloring pages before the link expired, just send me a message and I'll be more than happy to resend you the link!

Be sure to save the coloring pages somewhere on your computer where you'll remember. It's also a good idea to back up the file on another computer or an external hard drive, just in case! If you ever happen to lose track of your PDF file, don’t worry - just contact me and I’ll be more than happy to reactivate your download link or send you the PDF via email.

Please note that you will not receive any physical paper print-outs. What you will receive is a nifty digital PDF file that contains all the pages of this Mandala Coloring Book, so you can print each page as needed on your home printer. 

You will need Adobe Reader to view these files, which you can download for free here if you don't already have it. 

The file size for these Mandala Coloring Pages is 11.5mb, because the images are high-quality for printing, so if you have a slow Internet connection, be aware that it may take several minutes to download this ebook. For the best quality, print at "Photo Setting".

Wanna try before you buy? Download two free mandala designs to print and color. If you enjoy the process, come back and purchase the book!

This book and the images inside it are copyright protected. My art is my livelihood, and I offer this e-book for your personal, non-commercial, household use only. You are not permitted to share the file with others or to sell or distribute these images in any way (this includes any craft items made from these images).

While this coloring book is intended for your individual use only, teachers are permitted to print out 1-2 pages per student, as long as the copyright info is left intact at the bottom of each page. Please note that it is forbidden to pass out the entire book to each student. It is also not permitted to post this e-book (whether in whole or in part as individual pages) in virtual classrooms or any other online environment.

If you have any questions about how these images can or can't be used, please feel free to contact me. Your purchase of these coloring pages constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use. Thank you!

About the mandala-maker

The Artist Thaneeya McArdle

These Mandala Coloring Pages were all created and hand-drawn by me, Thaneeya McArdle! I’ve been creating art ever since I was a kid, and began selling my art professionally in 2002. These mandalas were my FIRST ever coloring pages, which led a few years later to a publishing contract, resulting in over 30 published books that have sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide!

I hope these Mandala Coloring Pages inspire and excite you, and that coloring them is an uplifting experience that encourages you to explore the nature of existence through the inspirational medium of art.  I know, that sounds pretty cosmic!  😆 To put it more simply: I hope you enjoy coloring these mandalas as much as I enjoyed making them. 😃

Mandala Coloring Pages

This e-book of Mandala Coloring Pages features 23 hand-drawn mandala designs for you to bring to life with color!

Scroll down to see all of the coloring pages you’ll receive in this set!

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Detailed Mandala Coloring Pages

This e-book of Detailed Mandala Coloring Pages features 10 intricate mandala designs for your coloring pleasure!

Scroll down to see all of the detailed mandalas that are included in this set of printable coloring pages!

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