Doodle Monsters

~ A drawing lesson for kids and adults who refuse to grow up! ~

Cute Monster Doodle

Drawing doodle monsters is fun and easy, because you can draw anything you want!

There are no limits to what a monster doodle can look like, so let your imagination go wild. This page will give you an idea of different monster doodles you can draw. I'll show you how to draw two different monsters and offer ideas for even more. Take these ideas and embellish them, twist them around, exaggerate them, and make your own cute little doodle monsters!

Bonus: At the bottom of this page, you'll find a link to download a free doodle monsters coloring page, featuring all the whimsical creatures you see on this page, plus many more. 

Let's begin!

Supplies: All you need are a pencil or pen, and some paper.

What does your doodle monster look like?

To start with, doodle monsters can be cute or scary. They can be:

Cute Doodle by Thaneeya
  • smiling,

  • growling,

  • beaming

  • or scowling.

Monster Doodle by Thaneeya

Let's start at the top: monsters can have many eyes or no eyes. They can also have more than one head! What else?

They can have lots of hair or no hair at all.

Learn to draw doodle monsters

Big floppy ears, small ears, pointy ears, or no ears!

Rows of sharp teeth, no teeth, or 1 or 2 crooked teeth... or a beak!

How about arms and legs? A monster can have 10 legs or 6 legs or zero legs. He can have 8 arms and she can have 11 arms.

Maybe they don't even have arms - maybe they have wings or fins! And what about a tail?

Monster doodles can have eyes and limbs in unexpected places.

How to Draw Doodle Monsters with Thaneeya

Is your monster furry or slimy? Striped or polka-dotted? Bumps, humps, scales or feathers?

Short stubby legs... Thin wobbly legs...

Fat, skinny, long and stringy...

Does your doodle monster have horns?

humps and bumps

Monster Doodle

3 eyes and crooked mouth

3 eyes and crooked mouth

no arms and pink hair

no arms and pink hair

wings and tail

wings and tail

All art begins with ideas.

As you draw, think about all the options we've just covered (how many eyes, legs, where to put them, etc). You have so many options and ideas that you'll probably need to draw a lot of monster doodles to get them all out of your head!

How to draw a doodle monster:

Doodle Monster by Thaneeya

Start with any shape. Any shape at all.

How about an oblong shape - long with rounded edges? That's how we can draw the tall monster shown here!

Follow along by looking at the sketches below to learn how to draw this cute, smiling monster.

1. Draw a long shape with rounded edges.

2. Draw spiky triangle shapes all around the outside edges, to make fur. Leave room at the bottom for legs and feet!

3. Draw his feet.

4. Now draw him a face. I drew two eyes, two eyebrows, a mouth and a pointy tooth that sticks up. You can draw any face you want!

5. When you're done, you can color in your doodle monster in any colors you want.

Doodle Monster Lesson

Monster Doodle Lesson #2

Ready to draw your next doodle monster? Here we go!

1. Draw a raindrop shape.

Cute Doodle Monster by Thaneeya

2. Give it a face. I gave my raindrop a pretty normal face, with two eyes and a mouth and dimples. You can give your raindrop 6 eyes and a giant nose, if you want!

3. Now draw hands on your raindrop. Draw them wherever you want. I drew mine near the top of the raindrop monster's head!

4. Draw legs and feet for your raindrop monster. I drew 4 legs on mine! (I wonder what he's running away from!)

5. Color it in using your favorite colors, or be bold and use your most un-favorite colors.

Doodle Monster Lesson 2

...and now for the bonus:

Doodle Monster Coloring Page

Here's a free monster doodle coloring page for you to download and enjoy. Please enjoy these monster doodles for personal use only - commercial use is prohibited. 

Instructions for download:

  • Click on the image below to open the monster doodle coloring page in a larger size. It will open in a new tab or window.

  • Right-click on the image and select "Save As"

  • Save the coloring page on your computer and print at your leisure.